ever heard of "target outlets"?

you know what, target has an outlet store now!..well, not an official one but they do sell target stuff at a much much cheaper price!!..and there’s a good chance that that ‘outlet’ is in your neighborhood. I’m talking about GOODWILL people. Apparently (i’ve noticed this since last october), goodwill buys target’s clearance inventory and sell it at the store. i thought when i saw it the first time it was only a one time deal, turned out it’s still going on until now. the goodwill store near my house always gets shipment every monday. most of the time, it has more target stuff than the other stuff. behnaz sarafpour chiffon blouse for $2.99..sweeeet….isaac mizrahi 100% cashmere sweater for $3.99, even more sweeeet. there’s just soo many isaac mizrahi for target stuff in there, along with the other brands sold at target such as mossimo, xhilaration, merona, cherokee, liz lange maternity, etc. and not just clothes, banyak juga barang barang lainnya seperti pernak pernik rumah, perintilan dapur dan kamar mandi, drawers and all that dan semuanya udah pasti..murah meriah..padahal masih baru baru, with the tags still attached.

i think target (especially in the clothing dept)has come along way to be a major player in the cheap chic category. now i prefer target than gap or old navy. kalo jaman dulu kan basi banget baju bajunya di target, i went there only for the housewares. istilahnya nggak ada ikea, target pun jadi lah..hehe. memang barangnya bagus bagus kok. target also started the designer & retailers collaboration (sonia kashuk, michael graves,etc). the clothing dept started to get exciting when mossimo entered the store. kalo nggak salah taun 2000/2001 deh. baju baju nya mossimo lumayan up to date, it’s fun fashion with a fair price, harganya kebanyakan di bawah $20. and i think it forced the other brands at target to keep up with it.

speaking of mossimo, i think mossimo giannulli is a genius. his career started from his garage where he sold all the t-shirts he made. it was in the mid 1980s and ten years later, he was named 400 richest people by forbes magazine. tapi setelah itu salesnya turun terus, mossimo was sold at major dept store at that time. trus akhirnya partnering with target and sales looks good so far, soalnya yang di jual agak beda sama mossimo yang dulu, kalo dulu style nya lebih cocok untuk surfer mania and more california look. kalo sekarang karena target ada di segala penjuru amerika jadi style nya lebih yang suitable untuk kebanyakan orang.

jadi intinya, if you like the stuff at target, you’ll like what you see at goodwill too.