Make it Bold

I got this top from H&M last friday, a black and white retro-ish print sleeveless top, it comes with the belt too. This is something new for me, most of my clothes are mostly solid colors, I actually like prints..well how can’t I?..It’s a wonderful way to camouflages bulges in my body..:D..but sometimes it’s not easy to dress in prints without looking garish. That’s why I’ve been settled with subtle prints, never in bold one like this, but I really like it when I tried it on, it’s different and most importantly the fit is flattering.

When I got home, I looked around my closet to find something to wear with it. Sebenernya di pake begitu aja juga bisa sih, tinggal pilih bawahannya aja since it’s not too showy, but my arms are not toned enough to be shown that’s not an option for me..:D

I suppose I can wear t-shirt underneath like the picture above..

..or put on my bolero..I like this one better, and I like how it looks from the back

I guess I can also wear it underneath blazer/cardigan. My solid black blazer was in the laundry so I used this striped one instead..

and then I remember I have a black wrapped dress, I can wear this over the dress with the collar showing up..

or I can even wear it underneath since the neckline of the dress is pretty low, to replace the camisole.

Yayy..turned out it was a pretty good buy, I can wear it in different ways, although the color is still limited to black and white. Now i know what I should do every time I get home from shopping. check the closet immediately and make a mental note of how the new purchase will match the rest of my outfit. If I don’t have something to wear with it, I better return it..or write down what I need to buy to match it so next time I go shopping I know what to buy..jangan sampe besoknya beli beli baju lainnya lagi dan sampe rumah kejadiannya seperti itu lagi. Don’t make your purchase be another reason for you to go on another shopping trip..:P..hehe padahal kan isn’t that what we need? Another reason to go shopping?..Riiight..:D