passion for fashion?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could shop for a living? visiting those high-end boutiques of the world one day and small local boutiques on another day and to be surrounded by beautiful clothes and the latest accesories of the season, everyday?

yea being a fashion stylist does sound like so much fun, especially when you add in the travelling part, the free stuff in the goodie bags, meeting new people, etc. but i’m sure it’s not always party and champagne in the fashion stylist world, and honestly i think it’s one of the jobs that i don’t think i will be able to do. well..i believe i can do the ‘shopping’ part but being a fashion stylist requires much more than that. to me, the hardest is probably the planning part of it, deciding which location the photo should be taken, (if it’s in the studio then what kind of furniture/lighting is needed) and then the pose of the model, the story behind the look, etc..mostly the creative part of it since i’m not creative like that and have a pretty limited imagination..:o). i’m sure the planning part takes much more time than the actual photo session itself. belum lagi di tambah cari model dan booking modelnya, fotografer, make up artist dan tempat pemotretannya, hunting baju keliling kota and hauling those heavy shopping bags yang nanti nya harus di laundry dulu baju baju nya sebelum di balikin lagi ke butik masing masing. selesai pemotretan juga ada yang namanya editing and retouching. dan pasti nya kan nggak semuanya selalu berjalan mulus, kalo ada model yang cancel at the last minute atau baju yang di pinjem sobek kan nambah kerjaan lagi untuk si fashion stylist. trus jadi fashion stylist juga berarti dealing with big egos and strong personalities, contohnya bitchy boss kaya di devil wears prada, (well nggak semuanya sih pastinya). you need to have a big heart to be able to work (dressing them, pinning, clipping so the clothes could fit them nicely) and stay patience with (some) of the models or celebs who think they are all that. not to mention dealing with the sales associates in the boutique who think they own the store or something. and i give them kudos for that.

yah namanya juga kerjaan ya, semuanya ada enak dan nggak enaknya, but this is one of the jobs that you really have to put your whole heart into it, harus passionate dan nggak bisa setengah setengah if you don’t wanna be done before you get a chance to make a big splash in the fashion world.

anyway, speaking about fashion stylist, i came across this portfolio the other day, it belongs to novita and resti, fashion editors of eve magazine. the portfolio shows extensive images of all the amazing works they have done, not only in eve magazine but also in other magazines like harper’s bazaar, spice!, cosmopolitan, seventeen, etc. i had fun browsing through their portfolio, it feels like i’m browsing a stack of magazines. i like the fashion spread that they did in eve magazine too, especially the speed shopping section. there’s always something unexpected in there from a small boutique in ITC that is totally affordable. i love how it features the mix and match between big labels and bargain hunter items. go take a look and you’ll be amaze yourself..=)