Good Old Retinol

I left my Estee Lauder advance night repair back home, so I was desperately need some sort of night cream to help me get through this winter weather. I could’ve easily bought the same thing again but I wanted to try different product because even though I didn’t feel any problem with the Estee Lauder ANR, I feel that it didn’t work its magic on me. I haven’t seen any improvement on my skin, (I know that’s maybe because I haven’t been using it long enough). Most of the time, the case with skincare is not what you see, but what you don’t see. But I’m a sucker for anything that can give me instant result..:D.

The one ingredient that I want in the jar is the retin-A/retinol. One of the ingredients that the dermatologists has seen crystal-clear demonstration that it works. It’s been popular since a few decades ago. Good for its anti-aging effects, helps normalizing the cell and affect the retention of collagen. (Btw, collagen is what gives skin its structure, firmness and elasticity, the older we are, the less collagen that the cells produce, makanya jadi ada yang namanya keriput, kulit kendur/ sagginess and loses fullness (makanya banyak yang jadi pada suntik kolagen).

Kalo dulu retin-a ini cuma bisa di dapat dari dokter aja, tapi sekarang udah banyak produk produk kecantikan yang menggunakan retinol. You have to be patient though, karena biasanya dalam 2-3 minggu pertama, it can make your skin look worse with redness, flakiness and peeling, tapi jangan khawatir karena seharusnya setelah itu baru deh keliatan dramatic improvement-nya.

Setelah cari cari review nya di (hehe, I would never buy skincare without reading all of the reviews in there), RoC is supposedly really good. I’ve seen their products in Walgreens but never cared to find out more about it(I was a sephora snob, remember?!..:p). I never thought that it’s actually a French based company, founded by a collaboration of dermatologists and pharmacist. I got the RoC retinol actif pur anti-wrinkle night treatment, the price is good for my wallet ($17.99). So far, even though I haven’t noticed much improvement (it’s only been a week..)..I do feel that my face looks a bit brighter and it doesn’t give me rash so I can continue using the product while crossing my fingers that it will work..:D.

Btw, while we are on the beauty product subject..anyone know where to find Burt bees,Origins product, Crabtree & Evelyn and BareMinerals/Escentuals in Jakarta? I have received a few emails asking me about those products, but I don’t know where they could be found. Kayanya nggak ada yah?. I think the best bet is to order from sorry I’m not much of a help here.