Trip to Payless

I’ve made some mental notes on what I want to buy this spring, and for shoes, I knew I wanted some patent leather shoes in navy and ivory, and preferably round toes although pointy ones are okay too!!. The shoes need to have some heels, but not too high and definitely not stilettos, something that are comfortable to walk on. It’s actually not a pretty easy task because most are either flat or have 4″ heels. and then I remember that payless had some nice shoes not too long ago (remember this post?), so I went there this afternoon and lucky me, I found one pair left in the corner waiting for me to pick up. and to make me even happier, they were marked down to just $7..=))

While I was there, I also picked these one for $17. I know I won’t wear them until spring/summer time, but they are just too cute to pass up. Seriously, payless has some nice shoes..if you are in the states you have to visit that store, go to for location.

Speaking of cheap chic shoes..H&M will be bringing more shoes this spring and so does Forever 21 (you can buy them online at also sells some pretty cheap shoes, I have never bought there before though so I can speak on the quality.