i don’t really like the name of this blog. when i bought the domain, i meant to use the hosting space for hosting the pictures of all the stuff that i was going to put on my ebay store. but then i went ahead and used it for this blog without much consideration. now that i think of it, i kind of embarassed about it because hey i’m not a socialite (dan juga bukan socialite wannabe, thank you very much). most of the stuff that are featured in this blog don’t even represent a socialite life (a true socialite doesn’t shop at forever 21, yes??) i don’t know..males aja kan kalo ada yang nganggep ‘berasa banget si ni orang’..heheeh or somewhere along the lines cause i’m actually living a pretty humble life, i just find it fun to blog about all of this stuff. jadi mungkin kalo nanti domainnya udah abis mau ganti nama aja kali, ada yang mau kasih suggestion nggak?..i want something that when you hear it, you’ll know right away it’s something about shopping, fashion and stuff. ayo ayoo bantuin doong…nanti kalo namanya beneran di pake yang menang di kasih sepasang sepatu flat cantik deh…heheh..=)