2007 fashion resolution

I hope it’s not too late to make a 2007 fashion resolution, i have never made one before..so let’s see i can make them happen.

1. there are a few bags that i’m dying to have this year, so i’m trying hard to allocate funds toward my piggy bank..so that means..
>no more jeans for me (unless it’s a totally different color, like grey)

>no more buying t-shirt/pants/skirts just to lounge around the house. i have enough of those already. definetely no gaucho pants either.

>no more buying make up, i have enough make up to last me more than a year. the only exception is if i can find an eyeshadow palette that comes with the color that i don’t already have. and just one tinted moisturizer. the rest i can buy when i actually run out of them. however, skin care is okay..i still need to buy serum, moisturizer with SPF, etc.

>no more buying hair products at sephora/beauty salons. i used to pay $20-$30 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner (kerastase, KMS, kiehls, etc)..but i guess with the hair condition that i have now, the drugstore shampoo work the same. i have been using pantene and sunsilk ($2 each) and i have no complain.

>buy only things that fit and flatter me, and things that i love, not just like. there are a few clothes in my closet that remain unworn because they don’t fit me cause i bought them with the i’m -gonna-lose-4 pounds-in-a-matter-of-two-weeks-anyway-kind of mind. i also need to buy things that are versatile, that i can mix and match easily and will last me through a few seasons. and also, don’t buy things just because it’s such a deal..yea i could be blinded by cheap trills sometimes.

2. i want to broaden my style…try out different outfits and just have more fun dressing up.

3. i want to take better care of my clothes, look at the labels to deterime how they should be clean,ed if it’s dry clean only that means i’ll have to take them to the dry cleaner. if it’s handwash only, by all means, wash it by hand. also don’t forget to always set the wasching machine to ‘delicate’ so it doesn’t ruin my clothes. by doing this, i will lenghten my clothes life.

4. be smart when choosing clothes, examine the materials. check the lining, check the stiching (don’t buy if there is loose thread). check if the zipper and the button is sewn tightly. and stick to 100% everything. misalnya t- shirt yang 100% cotton, pretty top yang 100% silk or polyester..nggak harus 100% sih, but at least more than 70% goes to one material. jadi misalnya 93% silk- 7% spandex atau 78% viscose-22% spandex atau 85% silk-15% cashmere. jangan beli baju baju dari bahan jersey kalo percentage nya kurang lebih seperti ini 65% polyester-30% rayon-5% spandex. soalnya baju dengan komposisi bahan seperti ini bakalan cepet buluk nya, after one wash they won’t look new anymore. biasanya di bahannya jadi ada yang namanya piling; little fuzzy balls on the garment’s surface when it’s rubbed over time or because of washing. to avoid them from happening quickly, you need to turn it inside out when you put them in the machine.

5. i will not wear dirty and ratty shoes..the shoes gotta be shiny or they will just ruin the outfit no matter what kind of clothes I put on.

6. reorganizing my closet. i have always organized them by colors but it’s been such a mess the last 3 months. i have to donate the clothes i have never worn. (you guys have to do this too especially if you live in Jakarta….Donate your clothes!!!..banyak korban korban banjir who are in dire need of some clothes, cause the flood wiped their clothes away. remember, one woman trash is another woman treasure..=))

7. while i’m reorganizing my closet, i also need to sort which clothes need to be laundered and which clothes need to be altered. soalnya pasti ada beberapa baju yang kancingnya lepas atau yang jaitan seam nya terbuka sedikit, dan nyadarnya selalu pas lagi mau di pake tapi karena buru buru jadi nggak sempet jaitin dulu dan akhirnya malah nggak pernah di pake bajunya. i have actually done this yesterday..ternyata ada 1 coat dan 2 jacket yang harus di dry clean dan 5 blazers yang perlu di jait kancingnya dan beberapa yang harus di bawa ke penjahit.

8. determine my budget. i have to decide how much i can spend each month and write down my shopping expenses.

9. quality over quantity. sometimes, buying expensive item will actually save you more money than buying cheap item. The true value of an item is not on the price tag but it’s on the cost per wear. here’s the formula:

Total cost of the item/number of days you’ll wear it =cost per wear

so if you spend $120 on a good quality shoes that you love and wear it for 60 times per year, it’ll cost you about $2 per wear. the more you wear it, the lower the cost per wear.

on the other hand if you spend $12 on a pair of shoes because you think they are cute and wear them for 2 times per year, it’ll cost you $6 per wear. so it is actually MORE expensive then the $70 shoes

I think that’s all i can think of..now I would like to hear some of yours =)