Speaking of Chanel Bags..

This Coco Cabas bag is sold out everywhere, they have even closed the waiting list cause it’s already a mile long.The ones that are on ebay now are priced at double the retail tag. It’s crazy. When I first saw it (the big vinyl one), I wasn’t too in love with it. Sure it looks nice but it’s soo big it would overwhelmed my figure, and I thought it would be hard to rummage the inside to find for cell phone/keys and stuff. Plus I don’t think the $1000 price tag is worth it since it’s vinyl, not patent leather. But now the bag comes in a smaller size called the baby Cabas (see last pic), it’s made out of leather too which of course makes the price to be doubled. But the bag is much much nicer in this size, it has the quilted design at the bottom so it gives the bag a little structure while still maintaining the slouchy look. This bag would be really practical for everyday bag, youthful but yet elegant at the same time.

Btw, I heard all of the fashion editors in NY received this bag as a Christmas present. Arghh lucky duckies!!!