Spa? What Spa?

One of my to do lists when I visited home was to pamper myself with some rejuvenating spa treatment. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to do it, jangankan ke spa, creambath aja sama sekali nggak pernah kok, let alone getting my eyelash lengthened or my nails manicured. I went to hairsalon for a total of 3 times..(padahal dulu 3 hari sekali..heheh). Salon pertama, Toni & Guy untuk potong rambut. Salon kedua Aitude di cempaka putih cuma untuk cuci blow Rp 35,000, but they stink, tempatnya sih bagusdari luar tapi ngeblownya jelek bener. Ketiga salon Brown by Rudi Hadisuwarno di pertokoan Pondok Indah, cuci blow juga Rp 45,000 tapi ternyata hasilnya bagus. I was happy and planning to go back tapi nggak sempet. Turned out it was harder to find me time in there than it is in the states. Ya namanya juga jarang pulang dan cuma sebentar juga pulangnya so there’s lots of family gatherings, family to visit, meeting with friends and other things to do.

Anyway, good thing my hair is short now (shoulder length) and not much of a trouble soalnya memang udah lama nggak pernah di macem macemin, I’m not interested in coloring/highlighting my hair anymore andI don’t bombard it with lots of hair products, so I think my hair is pretty healthy right now, and I don’t have split ends. Makanya biar nggak sempet creambath juga nggak pa pa, walaupun sebenernya kalo creambath lebih karena seneng di pijet2 aja bukan karena faktor pingin menyehatkan rambut.

Tapi nggak ke salon bukan berarti bad hair day 24/7 dong, thank god for chi flat iron by Farouk. I’ve owned this since 4 years ago and it still works wonder. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s more expensive than the regular flat iron sold at Walmart or other retailers, but it is well worth the price. It smooths my hair perfectly and gives my hair a nice shine and most importantly it doesn’t damage my hair. Literally the best $120 I have ever spent on.