A Girl with a Hundred Pair of Shoes

Nope, it’s not me..:p, but that doesn’t stop me from taking pictures of my shoes, after all those pictures can be used for an instant pick me up when I’m down..hehehe. I think i still have a few more pairs, they are scattered around the house, some are in the garage, some in my closet, some are still in the storage, I’ll take more pictures as I find, or buy more. You will notice there, that I don’t own any boots, it’s true, I don’t have one. I like the look of them, they are perfect for winter and can easily transform your look into this ultra chic girl. But boots are more for those who live an active city life where they have to walk from one blocks to another. I don’t lead that kind of lifestyle. I need shoes where I can just slide my feet and go, the one that I don’t have to sit down to wear them, unzip the shoes, wiggle my feet, tuck my jeans and zip it back and then stand to see if my jeans is tucked nicely..hehe, see it takes effort to wear boots. So that’s the reason why I don’t have one..but maybe I’ll add a pair someday soon. Other thing that you won’t find there is sparkly party shoes, not that I don’t have them..but I always leave them back home cause that’s where I used them the most…=). anyway…click here to view the shoecase!!