13. Inside Slesta’s Bag

Ahh..setelah dua minggu nggak di update akhirnya ada lagi..thanks to this girl..=))

The Bag: Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, batignolles horizontal
This is actually my work bag. I love this bag cuz it can carry tons of stuff, though I use it only for work (since I’d rather choose those slim slingbacks for my weekend bag).
The Contents:

  • Spex sunglasses
  • Bandung city map (from my recent trip to Bandung)
  • Inside red makeup bag: kanebo compact powder, body shop blush powder, victoria secret’s cheek brush, the face shop lip gloss and lancome juicy tube.
  • Bath & body works’ anti-bacterial hand gel – pearberry
  • Hair pins & clips
  • Fisherman’s friend lozenges in a tin case
  • Louis Vuitton monogram canvas wallet (it’s actually men’s card holder, but i use it as a wallet cuz it can carry lots without looking bulky)
  • Oil control film case
  • Silver name card
  • Id card
  • Black renoma card wallet (I usually use it to carry small change for those quick trip for lunch or coffee break)
  • 2 nokia phones: one for gsm and one for cdma (which I rarely use)
  • Sony digicam camera (not in the picture cuz I’m using it to take thepicture.. )