any VB fans here?

from”Packed with realistic and practical advice as well as gorgeous photos and illustrations, Victoria shares her top tips on how to look fabulous whether you have £20 to spend in Topshop or £2,000 to spend in Gucci, as well as personal anecdotes from the fashion world. The definitive girl’s guide to looking and feeling the best that you can.”

the book is titled, that extra half and inch. anyone read this book yet? i don’t plan on buying this book, but i’ll probably flip through it when i go to the bookstore next time. i used to like her style..waktu rambutnya masih panjang dan ikal ikal gitu deh. seneng aja liat dia soalnya selalu keliatan presentable, chic, polished in impeccable groomed, nggak pernah kayanya deh liat foto dia dengan rambut berantakan dan baju yang gembel. trus dia juga seringnya pake baju yang simple simple aja, just a plain white tee and jeans, hoop earrings and sunglasses tapi tetep keren aja di liatnya, except when she was a fan of the trucker hat..hehe.

Tapi lama lama kayanya bosen juga ngeliat dia yaaaa..trus dia sekarang terlalu kurus, sometimes she looks like a walking skeleton, terlalu tanned juga trus raut muka nya kayanya selalu angkuh dan jarang banget senyum, she just doesn’t look happy. kadang bajunya juga suka overly vulgar deh, she likes to show off her ti**ies by not wearing any bra at all when she wears sheer/silky tops. she still looks chic sometimes, but it looks like she takes a good two hours just to get ready, and i’m sure anyone of us here don’t have extra two hours to put on some make up, we need some effortless chic tips here. i think the book is one of her ways to set foot on the fashion industry and to claim that she’s a fashion icon.

anyway..i’ve read somewhere that she has 8000 pairs of shoes..(maybe more by now) pairs of shoes…she can wear different shoes everyday for the next 20 years.