Looking for the perfect gold watch

I’ve never been into gold before, but it’s been growing on me lately..especially since I’ve just realized that I have lots of brown and beige color, so wearing silver/white gold jewelry is not gonna cut it. I’ve never worn a gold watch before, I was planning to try the dual tone (gold and silver) first but then i found the white and silver version and liked it better. So now I’m trying to find a nice gold watch for me, I found quite a few chain/link style that I like, but the thing is, I have a really tiny wrist and those can only be adjusted to certain length..so I’m still searching. out of the four below, i like the DKNY one (second picture) the most, it goes well for both dressy and casual occasion.

*marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Michael by Michael Kors, DKNY

I know I’ve said no more shopping for me until i go home..but i really neeeed this one. This and a skinny/straight leg jeans..and maybe an eyeshadow palette if I happen to find the colors that I don’t have. Sspeaking about jeans, I’ve tried the bootcut blue cult jeans that I bought not too long ago, but I just feel odd/weird wearing bootcut, it’s just not as comfy as before somehow..I guess I’m just addicted to skinny jeans….so I’m selling that to eBay so i could use the fund to get another skinny or straight leg jeans..=)