11. Inside Xinda’s Bag

mslu2, here’s a Texan bag for you..all the way from college station..hehehe. Thank you Xinda dear..=)

The bag: Maroon/Brown Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag (knock-off, made in HK, hoahoaohaoha)
The contents:
divided into three categories, clockwise, started from the left1. The techies stuff

  • MP3 player with the arm band–great for Rec trip
  • Flash drive–great for computer lab trip
  • Cellphone, handset, charger–great for organizing social and academic life and of course for gossipping

2. The administrative stuff

  • Checkbook–for that last minute rent payment
  • Two red pens (couldn’t function without), two black pens (I never really use these), and a highlighter
  • Hello Kitty keychain–office and lab keys (dubbed the dirtiest, literally, Hello Kitty in the whole wide world), multicolor beaded keychain (apt, cars, mailbox)
  • Rosary
  • Prescription sunglasses (never really use these either)
  • Wristlet (financial stuff, blood donor card, towel card, IDs, a pen, and a lipgloss)

3. The hygene stuff

  • Rewetting drop for contacts
  • Bodywash
  • Bodyspray
  • Antibacterial thing
  • Tissue
  • Oil blotter (I just found this inside one of the pockets today, it’s NY’s)
  • Ponytail
  • 500-mg Ponstan (my favorite analgesic ever)

Really, I don’t carry this bag and the whole content other than when I go to school. Most of the time, I saunter around with only the wristlet and the cellphone.

That’s all folks!