lack of updates again??..heheh..i knoww…it’s not…

lack of updates again??..heheh..i knoww…it’s not that i don’t have a lot to write, it’s just that it’s been hard to find the time…dan kebetulan 2 hari ini memang lagi nggak mood siih…i have gone through teeth extraction and it hurts like hell…the doctor prescribed me with some medicine that contains narcotic, but even that didn’t seem to help at all. it’s much better today though although i still have some swelling and soreness..ahh the pain i have to go through to have a healthy set of teeth..

anywayy..selain itu juga my mind has been focusing on something else for the past few’s my own little project..can’t tell you what it is though until i can actually brag about it..heheheh…but i’m working hard..and keeping my eyes on the prize..;)

also another thing is..i’ve been trying to stay away from shopping and the malls, heheh..not i don’t have the desire for that…the desire is always burning of course, heheh..but i really neeeeed to save money for my vacation this december-january. first stop is tokyo for 3 days..and then final destination is of course..the J-town. Makanya mendingan belanja di jakarta aja dehh, i’ve been craving for some feminine blouse/top lately..but i figure there are a lot i can find back home. ahh zara, mango (and the other mango!!!…mangga dua that is..heheh) and factory outlet await!!. if the situation allows, i might go to KL to attend my bestfriend’s wedding..and then when i come back to the states i have to go to tampa, florida..and maybe orlando and if i’m lucky hopefully miami too…soo gotta save up some money for that..and there are 2 other must visit cities for next year.

anywayy..trusnya lagii…daftar titipan udah mulai memanjang juga..hahah..belum lagi harus beli oleh oleh juga. mana kok bulan kemaren sama bulan ini banyak banget yaa yang ulang taun…heheh, sama lahiran juga….my oh my kok bisa barengan gitu sihh??…ohh trus juga i need to buy a few dresses and some nice shoes to match for the wedding i need to attend back home. add all of those things together and that would leave very little for me to spend for my other pleasure right now… don’t expect updates on the ‘recent purchases’ column down there…:D