Finally..something with logo..:p

Got this last week in the mail..heheh..LV mini mono josephine GM in cherry. I decided to have it as soon as I found out that the mini mono line was discontinued. I tried calling the boutique here but they don’t have this one in stock, thankfully I found one that is pre-owned from the my pouppete certified seller on eBay, it still in excellent condition, the price is I didn’t wanna let go of my chance. I have a feeling that the price is going to get higher in the future..just like what happened in the other discontinued items from LV. At first I felt weird carrying this bag cause I’ve never had a bag full of logo’s always been solid colors of leather for me…but this bag makes me smile and I really really love it, so I just had to get used to the logo..heheh. I carried it around on my Chicago trip last weekend, it’s a perfect traveling bag, it’s light and has a zipper closure to keep my stuff from overflowing, it’s big and very low maintenance. I didn’t have to baby it and it survived the heavy rain just fine..=). Don’t know when I’ll jump to make a regular mono purchase, it still seems too flashy for me..but hey..who knows..;)