kate moss does topshop

the rumor is true afterall, kate moss will create and design an exclusive collection for topshop. the collection will be available in any topshop store as well as on its website in the spring 2007. i personally think it’s a perfect collaboration, not only because kate is british and topshop is a british retailer..hehe..but kate likes to shop there and most of topshop collection (from what i’ve seen on the website) already have influenced from kate’s style anyway..so the branding is good there, kate can help topshop to go international and break in the american market. i’m interested to see the collection…too bad we don’t have topshop here, they were supposed to open a flagship store in NY early 2007 but due to some dispute they have to postpone it until the end of 2007. i have visited top shop store a few times in singapore years ago, but can’t recall much about the stuff there except that they have some nice jeans, i just remember it was the first high street store with the cheap-chic concept that i encountered. don’t really know about the quality either, price wise i think they are a bit more expensive than H&M. i’ll know more when i go back home end of this year after i visit the store in senayan city..;)