list of legit sellers on ebay..

most people are afraid to shop high end designer bags on ebay now because of the amount of fakes that’s out there..but don’t be frustrated yet, ebay is still a good place to shop if you know the right seller. and if you don’t mind preowned stuff you can save a lot of money from buying them on ebay, besides..ebay still seems to be the only place to buy discontinued items that are no longer in the stores.

here are a list of legit sellers who sell only authentic stuff, i found the reviews on them from several message boards i frequently visit and some are based on my own experience…so you don’t need to worry…

thompk, senorjayme, hunnel, consultnet1, personalshoppers, dgjeans, ocfashions, thehuangfamily,, authentic_lvlady, let-trade, timeless_lv, fashionphile, ukdesigneritems, rebeccalou28, eboutique, karenkooper, luxuriana, cozzi_88, golfer_golfette, e_hip_shoppe, bagteria

if you want to add a seller id you know is legit..please feel free to drop the name on the comment box. happy shopping everyone..=)