05 & 06. Inside Alice’s Bag

The bag:
LV Papillon 26, it’s my weekend bagThe contents:

  • LV epi black wallet. I lovee it, it is very comfy to use, since it has “space” in the bottom. Not narrow.
  • Cosmetics pouch of Ken Done, it usually consists of my MAC lipstick, Channel eyeshadow pallet, Testimo eyeshadow pallet, softlense eye drops,and mirror (not shown)
  • Nokia L’amor 7370 series
  • Tissue

The bag: Gucci big bucket.
This bag is soo hugee…I can put everything inside….just throw everything inside. The down side of this bag is the canvas leather in the corner can be berbulu2

The contents:

Similar with weekend bag plus :

  • Red coin purse in epi red motive (no, this one is not real, I got this as a “tempat gelang emas”..hehe)
  • ID card
  • Nokia charger
  • Mickey mouse pouch for my bank books
  • Ricola
  • Daily planner (rabbit)
  • Palm T PDA (so buttutt)
  • USB flash disk