the foolproof makeup

ever feel not in the mood to put on any makeup but dont want to risk looking like a zombie? here are a few tips from the expert, Affi Assegaf, PR Communications & Event Manager MAC Cosmetic Indonesia, to still look presentable without having to spend much time in front of the mirror.

there are times when I feel in the least mood to put on any makeup. So I normally resort to what I call “can’t be bothered” makeup. It’s quick, foolproof, fuss free and guaranteed to give your appearance an instant lift. The objective is to look groomed, even if you feel like shit inside. Because let’s face it, like it or not, our professionalism is judged by our appearance too, especially for us girls.

Anyhoo, here are the steps :

Step 1 : Use moisturizer.

I’m assuming that this is already part of your beauty regime even though you don’t usually wear makeup. If you don’t use any, try spritzing some MAC Fix + before anything else. It’ll freshen up your skin like magic.

Step 2 : Go for a pressed foundation formula

If you’re not handy with the brushes, stick to what you can do. Apply a pressed foundation that also contains powder to even out your skin tone and hide any blemishes. My favorite is MAC Lightful Protective Foundation SPF 20. It’s got some skin brightening ingredients and it’ll also give your skin a nice, subtle glow.

Step 3 : Never forget to tend to your lashes

I still want to meet the inventor of eyelash curler in person so I can give him/her a hug. It’s amazing how a simple task can dramatically change your eyes. Do not pass this step, girls. This is truly an eye-opener in the most literal sense of the words. If you want your eyes to look even more flirtatious, pump your lashes with a coat of MAC Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack. I swear to you, this mascara curls your lashes like no other products can do. Give it a try.

Step 4 : Put a little bit of color on those eyes (optional)

If you still have some energy (and time) left, dab a little bit of eyeshadow on your lid. My favorite is MAC eyeshadow in Idol Eyes. It’s silvered violet with a little bit of gold. The best thing about this shadow is you don’t have to put too much effort in applying it. A few dabs on your lids and instantly your eyes sparkle. No complicated blending needed.

If it’s still too much work for you, skip this step. The mascara’d lashes should suffice for the day.

Step 5 : Brow Control

If you keep your brows always neatly groomed, this step should take you a mere 20 seconds to do. Just keep them in control with a coat of MAC Clear Browset, it’s a clear gel that comes in a tube and a wand which grooms and slicks brows into shape in an instant. If you want more definition, use brow pencil afterwards but since this is a ‘can’t be bothered’ makeup, I suggest you skip it. However, again, do make time to groom your brows regularly (once a week is enough if you pluck). It saves you lotsa time, believe me.

Step 6 : Blush like a school girl

Just because you’re not in love, doesn’t mean you can’t look like you are. Put some neutral-colored blusher on the apples of your cheeks and watch them pop prettily. Try MAC Sheertone Blush in Tenderling. This is an amazing color that everyone, yes everyone, can wear. It’s just the perfect color. Not too pink. Not too red. Not too dark. Perfect.

Step 7 : Lip Service is a must

Chapped lips are not hot. Even if you hate the feel of lipstick, you should at least put on some lip balm. The great news is, MAC has a tinted lip conditioner in 6 different colors. Go for Petting Pink if you just want a hint of color that is closest to your natural one, if you’re fair-skinned. Plum Perfect is better for girls with darker skin tone. This product also have a yummy light vanilla flavour. Love it!

That’s it. That won’t take you more than 10 minutes but the result is significant. For the rest of the day, touch up only your face with some blot paper or translucent powder if your face is oily. I can not live without MAC Blot Powder, a very light pressed powder that effectively absorbs oil in my face. And remember to put that tinted lip conditioner in your bag so you can add more if those ACs start drying up your lips or if the colour wears off.

Hope it helps!