02. Inside Wulan’s Bag

I’m starting an ‘inside her bag’ features that will be posted once a week from now on. This week entry is belong to Wulan who is an undergrad student majoring in communication and an aspiring writer..;)

The bag: My favorite black tote, Mossimo brand from target!
Gotta love cute and cheap stuff. I guess I’m getting older and I constantly need to carry so many junk just about everywhere.. so this one comes super handy for me.

The contents:

  • Black leather wallet.. I love it because of the function, it can fit in all my junk in there.. my last purse was too small. Inside are credit cards, id cards, and all kinda cards (name cards, bubble tea card, coffee cartel card, pearl express card.. well you know how it is).. and also all unnecessary receipts. Geez I need to start throwing them all away.

  • My black and red note/poem book. One of my hobbies are writing poems. sometimes I can just be somewhere random and have the sudden inspiration to write. This notebook is a rather new one, there are only three poems in there.

  • My blue notebook, okay i know what a DORK rite, carrying two notebooks in a bag). This one is more random, the contents are some of my other poems, a brownies recipe, and just some random sketch Iwrote. I love writing just like that.. that I need to actually carry two notebooks. my comb.

  • Well.. no further explanation as I believe everyone is aware of what it is
  • Pink coin purse, a gift from a from an ex-roommate from Japan.
  • White samsung I-dont-know-what-series cellphone. Yes I’m one of those pathetic people who cannot live without their cells.
  • Cellphone charger and headset.. since I’ve been staying a lot at my friend’s place lately I have to always carry the charger in case I’m not home whenever the cell is out of battery.

  • Rosary prayer book and the rosary.. well, I’ve been trying to get a bit more intimate to the Creator.. don’t work too well as I haven’t done as much praying, hehehe.

  • A sample of Burberry weekend and Gucci envy me from Sephora.In case I need them for a date or something. *wink*
  • Bath & Body works sweet pea body spray, always carry it everywhere. Love the smell; feminine, fresh, and just simply cute.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Equate sleeping aid. A big help for an insomniac like me.
  • And lastly the brown envelope.. inside is my passport and other important documents. Always carry it everywhere also.. yea I know it’s kinda weird, but well. :)