to tone or not to tone?

do you guys use toner? I have never used toner, simply because i didn’t understand what it does..hehe. but now that i have read the importance of toner..i know why my skin looks so dull..:p. toner supposedly restore the ph level of your skin after it gets distorted with water when you wash your face. well the skin can actually restore itself, but it’s going to take up to half an hour, with toner, the ph level is restored in an instant. not only that, toner also moisturize and exfoliate your skin, so the dead skin cells will be removed and it also tightens your pores. i’m so going to add toner to my beauty regime, but now the question is…which toner should i use? i heard the one with glycolic acid is the best. the one from ddf has that ingredients, so maybe i’ll try that one..or if you know a good toner out there..please share it here…thaank youu…=)