here comes the fall issue..

the september issue of my magazines subscription have started to come…and they are so thick i could use them for weight lifting (september vogue easily reached 700 pages). well, that’s why i love the september issue. it’s an important issue for fashion magazines since that’s where the season changes from summer to fall. there are more new ads because this is when the fashion house introduce their new fall collections, the ad rates go much higher too. but i won’t complain, i love the ads!!. my lucky and teen vogue subscription came with a supplement called fashion rocks magazine, i have only glanced through the pages and the editorials look very interesting, they feature how some fashion designers (marc jabobs, luella bartley, etc) get their inspiration through different music eras, models (gemma, gisele, lily, karolina) and their favorite bands and so many other stuff from cover to cover. this can be bought separately too and i heard the one that is sold separately has more editorial pages. wow.

now where is my vogue subscription?? (kinda dissapointed to find out the cover is kirsten dunst….especially when uk vogue has miss moss!!)