the favorites

the damage from the previous trip was pretty bad, bad that i’m now taking a hiatus from shopping..:p. but i bought stuff that can’t be found in st. it’s worth it..=). anyway here are my top faves:

tod’s miky zip media

i got it at woodbury outlet and this was the last store that i went into and it was like 20 minutes to closing time, so i was pretty panicked when i saw there were a LOT of nice bags sitting pretty on the shelves. priced at around 60% off of the retail price. wahhh, hebohh….there were too many choices but i was only allowed to pick i took this with me. at first i wasn’t really sure about the brick color, but turned out it matches a lot of my clothes. d also got a tod’s decoupage bag for his mom. i love tod’s, i love the signature rubber feet, the leather and the craftmanship and how the design is clean and functional and doesn’t scream designer.

anne klein watch

heheh, i actually wanted the chanel J12 since it first came out. the white ceramic is soo pretty and it’s scratch resistant. but it’s $3200 and the tree on my front yard doesn’t grow i just have to find a cheaper alternative. okay..much cheaper..:P. i found it at nordstrom rack, at first i got the ak by anne klein, the cheaper line of anne klein but when i walked out the store i realized that the link couldn’t be adjusted and i have small wrist, so i brought it back and exchanged it with the anne klein new york. i got it for $50..i didn’t know how much the original retail cost but i assumed it was around $100. But when i went to Dillard’s department store two weeks later, i found the exact same on for $250..boy i was so happy!..i did good, didn’t i?..

and’s the chanel j12 that will have to remain on my wish list till god knows when..

missoni sunglasses
I don’t know what the style name is?..but i got it at off 5th avenue. it’s so comfortable that i could wear it all day long.. too bad i couldn’t take better picture of it though..but i love this thing to pieces