what’s vanity sizing?

we all know that clothing size is not identical from one brand to another. sometimes we would fit into a small size on brand X but then struggling to fit into a medium on brand Y. and that’s normal, because different manufacturers/brands have different sizing standard based on their target market. you cannot expect size XS in Forever 21 and Ann Taylor would be the same because the consumer profile is not the same.

but did you know there’s a practice called vanity sizing? It’s when the manufacturer place a smaller size label on a larger size garment and create an even smaller size for those who are sized out (or create the petite line). they want the customer to feel better about his/her body and hence, shop more!!.

also the average measurement of size 4 today is not the same compared to 10 years ago. people are getting bigger therefore the manufacturers are resizing the clothes so that the numbers appear smaller. there wasn’t a size 0 20 years ago but now there’s even a 00.

usually the more expensive the brands the more your size will go down and the more they offer smaller sizes. you don’t find size 00 jeans (equivalent to 23 european size) at H&M but you surely can get one from dolce & gabanna.

so don’t be too excited next time you go down a size when you’re trying on new clothes at the mall. be sure to step on the scale as soon as you get home to confirm that you are indeed shedding off a few pounds..=).