introducing my newest toy..

i’ve been wanting a pocket digital camera since a long time ago but always reconsider the thought because there was nothing wrong with my old camera, the canon G3 which i’ve owned since 3 years ago. it takes superb pictures and has all the features that i need, the only complain is it’s huge, it takes up so much space in my bag and it is also heavy, so it’s a pain ITA to take it around all the time and that sucks since i like to have my camera with me at all times.

anyway, i took thousands of pictures during my east cost trip and i used the zoom feature most of the time and i switched the screen mode every few minutes and what do you know…it broke down as i got back to this old st. louis…so off it went to the repair center (thank god for performance plan) and off i went to best buy to get me a new digicam (i sort of hope they won’t be able to repair the camera so they can just send me a voucher..hehe, but i know i’m gonna miss my canon G3)

at first i wanted the canon s80 but that thing is sold out everywhere, i think it’s the best camera out there, especially for compact size (well it’s not that compact, a bit bulky but you can still hold it in your palm). since i couldn’t that one, i opted for the canon SD 630. the first thing that lured me to this camera is it’s stylish and ultra sleek design and also it’s huge LCD screen, the world is so much bigger when you view it through the screen..:p. so far, it works great, i do feel the quality is less than the G3 but still takes high quality shots and of course comparing the two cameras is like comparing apple and orange. they are different. this one is more like point of shoot kind of camera, you can’t even set up the shutter and aperture level. but there are a few manual settings that are fun to experiment with like the wide scene, the color swap and color accent to name a few. overall, for what it’s worth, the camera is perfect and i highly recommend it.

i wonder what anyone camera is and how do you like it?

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