Good bye boot-cut…??

it’s time for the skinny jeans. kalo di jakarta seperti nya trend skinny jeans udah dari tahun lalu yah, it wasn’t even in the mall here last year, yang pake di sini baru celebrities aja, thanks to kate moss, until this year. now it’s everywhere, even target has them, but there are still not many people wear the skinny jeans over here. i haven’t jumped on the bandwagon either because i’m still not sure on how it’s gonna look on me, but i know most people who have tried it are surprise that it’s actually look better than they think it would. the more i see the skinny jeans, the more i like it, especially when it’s paired with flats, it makes you look chic and polished without trying too hard. it looks good with cropped jackets too and basically any tops that is flare.

if you don’t want to spend big bucks for your first skinny jeans, this mossimo from target is a great buy.

H&M also makes skinny jeans called SQIN for $32. Express had them on sale for $19.50 the other day.

if you want to go straight to the premium designer jeans, you can’t go wrong with either one of these:

Joe’s Jeans Cigarette in Jones $158.00 at revolve clothing. they currently offer shipping.

Sass & Bide Frayed Misfits in Navy $231.00

Seven for all mankind Roxy Jeans $180

so for those who have tried it, how do you like it?..