Haircut Tomorrow, Yay!!

Bad hair day 24/7, that’s me..=). What I miss about home is the luxury of going to hair salon to get my hair shampooed and styled every few days. Can’t do that here, that explains why most of the time my hair is always in ponytail. I have long, thick and stubborn hair that is so hard to style, it doesn’t look healthy too as it’s too dry and has lots of split ends. I have appointment tomorrow at this salon, it’s gonna be my first time there, hope I won’t walk out with regret tomorrow as I have too many disappointing experiences with the hair salon here. Even mas mas at Lutuye near my house can do a much better job than most of the hair stylists here, and I’m not kidding!!. So far, Keiko is the only one who can come close to the stylist back home, she’s a Japanese who works at Le Louvre, but she is in Japan right now and won’t be back until end of next month. When I feel like getting a hair cut, I want it right away, hehe…my hair desperately needs a touch up. Anywaayy, I’m thinking shoulder length, definitely with side bangs and some layers, I don’t know if i want to have layers all around or just the front part, it’s gonna look messy to have lots of layers, but it’s boring if it’s too flat. Hmm..decision decision. here’s a few pictures for inspiration, what do you think?