Ooppss she did it again


taken from us weekly: Britney Spears nearly dropped her 8-month old son Sean while exiting a New York City hotel this afternoon. Holding her son in her left arm and a drink in her right hand, Spears tripped on her wedge espadrille sandal sending Sean’s head flying backwards, his baseball cap falling to the ground. An unidentified man walking beside the singer helped her regain her balance and Sean was unharmed.

I can understand that accident like that happens in real life. But it is an accident waiting to happen if you are pregnant and carrying your 8 months infant in one hand and a drink in the other hand when you are wearing platform shoes with jeans dragging underneath. And the stupid thing about that accident was, she didn’t drop her drink when and after the incident so she could use that other hand to safe the baby, was it a$50,000 water or something? Didn’t she learn?? It’s only last week that she was on the headline for driving a car with her baby in the car seat facing forward (he should be facing backward since he is not 1 year old yet)..and we all still remember that a few months ago she was driving a car with the baby on her lap!!..What were you thinking Britney??!

Aside from her latest parenting mishap, just look at her, I always cringe everytime I see her photos..I mean she always looks gross. Her hair is always frizzy and her face always looks as if she has just woken up, wearing the same old terry cloth tube dress over and over again with the same ugly flip flops. She even wore a bebe sunglasses in a few pictures that I saw. (you wouldn’t expect Britney Spears to sport a bebe sunglasses, would you?) I can never understand her transformation. She had the whole world in front of her not too long ago and now she is a walking train wreck. Where did that teenage icon go?..