Crop It Out

I recently have this rather unhealthy addiction to cropped pants/capri/bermuda..whatever they call them, as well as to gauchos/culottes. They are so figure flattering, definitely make my legs look thinner, hey if my legs can’t be thin at least I can try to make them look thinner..:p. These kind of pants are perfect for summer, you can dress them up with heels and dressy top, or dress them down with flat and plain cotton top. Here are the latest addition to my wardrobe:

from H&M
The blue one is from Charlotte Russe (the first bright color I own) and the other one is by Emphasis. The pictures certainly don’t do them justice..:p

Wearing cropped pants can be tricky for girls with petite figure as it can make them look even shorter, but it can be solved by wearing shoes with at least a little bit of heels, and just make sure that the color of the top and the pants blend nicely, that way it doesn’t look like it breaks your body.

Here are a few cropped pants that I like , but they are way too pricey, I couldn’t find the one that are lowly priced..but I’m sure your local malls have them.

Theory $200

Miss Sixty Theirry smart trousers $89

Ellie Tahari Lucille $178