Twenty One Mens

Forever 21 launched its mens line earlier this month. It’s not available in every store though, only in the ones that are labelled XXI. The products range from sweatshirt ($27.80) to casual shirt like the western style shirt that’s pictured below ($19.80), regular cotton t-shirt ($12.80), shorts ($24.80) and even the formal pieces like tuxedo ($19.80), tailored vest ($29.80) and formal blazer ($79.80). The price is actually the same with the women’s line.

The stuff they have on the website actually don’t look bad, but I’m not sure if the image and the branding that forever 21 carries will easily appeal to the male shoppers since everybody has associated forever 21 with girly clothes and even the name sounds girly. I think they should just use a new name for their men’s line..but what do i know.. maybe with the right store design and the right new brand awareness development they will actually succeed on that, just like they did with the women’s line.