My New baby

Yayy, finally..=). The Francesco Biasia Aphrodisiac tote. I fell in love with this bag instantly when I first saw it at Nordstrom, at first I liked the black one but this cinnamon color grew on me. I love the woven leather, it’s so soft and buttery, it’s big too..I can put my whole crap in it, it also has the removable interior puch with zip closure that I can use as a huge make up bag for travelling. Before I found this bag, I’ve always wanted the woven Bottega Veneta hobo bag, but that one is just out of the range, so this one will do for now..hehe. Btw, I got it as my early birthday and mother day present from d. I actually wanted it on my birthday but when we went to Nordstrom that day, it was the only one of course I wouldn’t want to risk it and just decided to take it home..=)