More and More Gauchos

Winter has long gone now and it’s time to break out my favorite pants again, the gauchos!!..haha, I don’t care if people are sick of them, I also don’t care it’s outdated cause it’s soo comfy, it goes well with everything, it works for me and my body type, so sue me..I’m still gonna wear it until they don’t produce it anymore and I run out of stock..:p..hehe. I still have a few from last summer, and I have just added two more for this summer. The black one I got from Urban Outfitters for $6.99, the same thing I bought last fall for $45. The purple one is from Target, it’s a little dressier with the sash tie and the gold stripes and it’s on sale too for $6.48. My sister got the green one, I even bought some for my mom for her to lounge around the house, can’t beat that price.