10 Things About My Style

Not that it is interesting, but, whatever, right?
1.I don’t have anything logoed in my closet, not one single item. I used to think that they are too obvious and tacky but now I’m starting to like some of them (kinda late, I know). If I ever buy a logoed handbag, i think it would be an LV monogram speedy 35..haha..or a Gucci tote.
2. I love handbags, always thinking about them, always checking them out at the malls or the internet and go uuh ahh-ing over them. But I don’t have that many handbags though cause I’m so picky about them, my collection is still very small..;)
3. I love shoes too but not as much as I love handbags, but strangely..I have more shoes than I do handbags.
4. I’m pretty modest when it comes to dressing, I don’t like showing too much skin, so nothing above the knees, nothing too revealing at the top. it’s just the way i was raised and I’m more comfortable like that.
5. I don’t have anything with animal print and I don’t intend to get it. and I would never wear fur. But I don’t mind a croc Birkin though..
6. To me, the all time wardrobe must haves are : nicely fitted blazer, a pair of good jeans and a few solid colors t-shirts with good quality, one fabulous sunglasses, a nice leather bag and cute pointy shoes and you are set to go.
7. I wear jeans a lot in the winter, but in the summer it’s almost always skirts or gauchos or bermuda short.
8. I arranged my clothes by colors.
9. I love wedge heels shoes since loong loong time ago, I’ve always worn them, they are comfy and give me the height that I so desperately need..:D
10. I love jewelry, necklaces and pretty dangly earrings..but i care about proportion, so if I wear long tiered necklaces, I will wear simple earrings like stud or no earrings at all and vice versa.

How about you?