609650-08105310112005info-1Pasti masih pada inget dong sama quote jenius nya Sarah Azhari??..This was from a few years ago, I don’t remember the scene, but I remember she was being interviewed regarding her fight with someone else, and then after telling the story to the reporter, she added something like..”Who do you think he are??!!”..at the end..bwahahaha…I know my english is not perfect either, but who do you think he ARE?! haha..now that’s funny. But anyway..that’s not the point here. The point is to let you know about this funny-sarcastic-Indonesian-fashion-police-blog-whose-authors-love-to-critic-the-so called-indonesian-celeb’s-style-and-shred-them-to-pieces. The address happens to be http:/whodoyouthinkheare.blogspot.com . Their comments are hillarious, and they really do know fashion, reading that blog is addicting. I’ve been reading it since a few months ago when it used to be updated everyday, but now sadly it is lacking new entries. I doubt they run out of ideas though, I mean with the way Indonesian celebrities dressed nowadays, there’ll always be plenty of victims..hehe.