Louis Vuitton perforation, a Do or a Don’t?

lvspeedyperforatedHere’s a new LV from the Spring 06 runway,  Marc Jacobs revamped the classic Louis Vuitton monogram with a little color. I think it comes with green, fuchsia and orange in lays. the color really pops out of the holes and you can see your stuff peeking through. Personally I think it’s cute, but is it a good buy? Hmm I don’t know, I don’t wanna spend $1200 on a bag that has lots of holes you know, hehe..what if it’s rain? you don’t want your stuff to get wet, that’ll ruin the purpose of carrying a bag. but if you have a little puppy, you can use this bag for dog carrier too since it’s pretty airy on the inside…hehehe. I guess if you have lots of money to throw, this bag maybe for you, it’s especially cute for spring and summer. But if you don’t have lots of money, like me..:p, then we should just skip this bag, for $1200 you can get a much better bag than that, a leather bag, the one that’s trully an investment that you can keep for years and years. I’m not questioning the quality of this bag, it’s louis vuitton, enough said. But we’re getting older too..and this bag might be too trendy for us in a few years to come, so just get the classic monogram if you must..;), or if you want something from this line, the little coin purse might be perfect for you.

La Lohan with the fuchsia speedy