Let’s See..

I haven’t posted any entry here for quite a while, I’ve been meaning to maintain this site religiously but sadly couldn’t find the time to do that. Anywaay..I think I’ve shopped quite a lot for these past few weeks, what can I say..it’s not my fault that every stores offered lots of discount right after Christmas..hehe. But I’m too lazy to take pictures and list them all, but here are a few that I already have the pictures.

1. Marc Jacobs Venetia Hobo in Rust
Well this one is not really a purchase as I got it as a gift…=). I’ve loved the Venetia since a long time ago but I haven’t found the color that I really liked..I liked the yellow and the blue but they were all sold out until this color came..love it!!…but damn this bag is heavy,I think it’s because it’s lined in suede.

2. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Hobo
I’m not sure what’s the style name on this bag. Got this from Saks Fifth Avenue outlet, and I had the 25% off coupon with me, so it was perfect, hehe.

3. COACH Allison velvet pointy shoes in purple
This shoes are soo comfy, I love it!!

4. ISAAC MIZRAHI slingback shoes, it’s velvet again with a darker purple/plum. I got this from ebay for 15 bucks..:p (I told you I’m a good shopper and in case you’re wondering, it’s not Isaac Mizrahi for Target…hehe)..but it runs a little small, so I’ll probably pass this to my mom.

5. GO MAX shoes, it’s a cheapo brand, I got it for 8 bucks, it’s not really a good buy considering I could add a little more and get something similar like #4. But oh well, it’s cute.

6. LUELLA BARTLEY coin purse

I can also use this for key chain and it’s actually perfect since I can slip the keys inside so it won’t scratch the other leather materials in my bag.