The Shopping Recap

Kayanya bulan Maret dan April kemaren bener bener bulan belanja deh buat gue (termasuk New York shopping recap)…nothing fancy..mostly Forever 21 stuff…hihi…but I’m trying to be good this month..padahal kemaren udah tempted to buy a new outfit for my graduation but I was that good so I didn’t buy anything. Kecuali kemaren sih..terpaksa beli a few new workout shirts and pants…abisnya gue nggak punya baju olahraga sihh…(I started joining the gym last week) tapi untungnya setelah di cari-cari..ketemu juga sneakers gue..heheh..asiik jadinya nggak perlu beli. The one and only sneaker of mine since I graduated from high school. Abisnya males beli nih…I’m saving up for next month kan mau pindah there’s lot of things to buy, from furniture to appliances and other knick knacks, so I am now officially on a shopping hiatus mode..except during my trip to San Diego next week…teehee. Now a quick recap of the rest of the stuff that I have bought last month and half of March

– Divided by H&M jeans in medium destroy wash with worn edge detailing and threadbare here and there.. I LOVE THIS JEANS..
– Forever 21 capri jeans with flap button pockets, so true religion-ny..:p
– Citizens of Humanity Kelly Rigid jeans in Pacific wash

Skirts and pants
– Baby blue pajama pant from Charlotte Russe
– Express A line skirt in pink
– Old navy dressy pant in taupe
– Black Gauchos

– H&M long sleeve in brown
– 2 spaghetti strap tops from Forever 21 (pink and maroon)
– 4 Aeropostale polo shirts

– Purple front tie long sleeve cropped cardigan
– 3/4 sleeve sweater shrug from Forever 21 in peach
– H&M green long sleeve cardigan
– Old Navy novelty blazer in peory red
– Grey 3/4 sleeve spring blazer from Forever 21
– White 3/4 sleeve blazer
– Teal Nylon track jacket from Forever 21

– BCBG Signature tote in Blue
– GAP raffia tote
– Crescent shaped sling (messenger) hobo bag from Aldo in vintage brown leather

– White Ballerina flat shoes from Nina
– Liz Claiborne strappy wedge sandals in peachy pink…pretty colors for spring.

Sephora stuff
– D&G Light Blue perfume
– Nars MakeUp Primer
– Narsh Blush in Orgasm
– Cargo eye Pallete in Egypt

– lots of earrings (beaded filigree, teardrop stone, beaded cluster hoops, chandelier, etc)
– 2 necklaces, Pearl (faux of course) and a gold shell dangle beaded hoop necklace
– 2 sunglasses from Wet seal and Steve Madden

*sigh* there goes my money!!