Polo Shirt, Anyone??

poloThe winter is gone and summer is approaching, let’s embrace it by wearing the colorful polos…*duh apa sih nggak penting..:p*..but I do think I’m addicted to polos…not the Lacoste one though..with the speed of fashion these days..who pays a freaking 80 bucks for a polo?…certainly not me. I’m happy with the ones I found at Aeropostale..$20 for two..yay..i take 8 of those than 1 Lacoste anytime…hehe. I bought 4 colors so far, white, teal, yellow and purple. I remember when I was in junior high school, my dad often brought me the Lacoste stuff, from t-shirt, shoes, school bag..and I didn’t even know what it was..:D. Anyway…baby J also got lots of polo..from the Ralph Lauren one to H&M to those I found at Walmart..hehe..gotta love boys on polo..kayanya rapih aja and stylish *think Prince William*… perfect for casual look.

So is polo shirt a trend?..I’ve never thought of it as a trend..karena polo kan sebenernya basic wardrobe aja..the type of shirt that is always there somewhere in your closet from time to time. I don’t know how it suddently gets so much attention and then everybody starts wearing it altogether…di mall aja banyak banget anak abg yang pake, especially the pink color and they wear it with the collars up. Tapi polo shirt ini memang universal sekali yaa…everybody can wear it, dari babies sampe orang tua pun cocok cocok aja dan kalo mau agak resmi tinggal pake blazer aja and you’re ready to go.