Thrift store finds

logo_ror_homeWent to RAG-O-RAMA last Saturday to sell some used clothes, I had two huge bags full of t-shirts, shirts and pants. They bought most of the stuff I brought and gave me a hundred buck for that..awesome hehh. I used a portion of the money to get 2 vintage leather belts (I’m a sucker for belt..can’t you tell??..although I don’t seem to wear them that much) and a pair of shoes..(my third pairs of the last 30 days). It’s a purple kitten heel shoes, it’s pointed and has a bow on the toe still in a good condition even if it’s looks like shoes from the 50s but it could also be vintage inspired as opposed to the real vintage..but I don’t looks cute..and it’s only 7 bucks which makes it even cuter…and I walked away with the rest of the cash..

I used to go to the thriftstore all the time back in the OZ days, going to the flea market in Subiaco every Sunday morning, the 78 records at the intersection of William st and Hay st, the good sammies, etc to find clutch, coat, cool looking sunglasses and old jewelry. Perth has more cool selection of vintage stores than St. Louis. I love checking out thrift stores.. the thrill of the hunt and of course the pride of the the finds and bragging them to my friends..hehehe. But I’m not a thrift store junkie by any means..I still prefer to be around new stuff they have at the mall than old stuff at Goodwill or Salvation Army..hihi.. but thrifting can be fun and the most important thing.. it won’t damage your wallet.