Forever 21, Rampage and some mental notes..

shawlcollarcardiI found the shawl/collar cardigan that I liked, similar to the one in the picture but different color, at Forever 21, but I couldn’t find the small one and asking to the SA if they have it or not was Ijust walked around and checked every single racks. I even went to the fitting room to check the clothes that were still hung in the rack they were about to put back to the floor..all to no avail..(notice how determined I am to get what I wanted?..:D)..Oh well. But at least I got something else to make me’s a dark green long sleeve top with lace all around the upper part of the chest area..kinda have a Victorian look..and it’s for $6.99..Yayy for bargain shopping. Anyway..there were lots of stuff that I liked in there..cute chiffon tops, gypsy skirts, pleated skirts and a lot more, I’ll save those for when the weather gets warmer

After that, I checked out Charlotte Russe to see if they have the collar cardigan similar to the one in Forever 21..but everything was blah in there, just like usual…so I went out quickly and checked Rampage…and they did have it…it wasn’t exactly the same model and this one is made of silk so it’s very delicate, but I liked it just the same and this was on sale too and comes with a pretty brooch..=)

On Sunday we went to Galleria..I didn’t buy anything but I spotted a few things I liked…maybe I’ll get them when I go there next time. I like the sandals they have at the Splash, it’s from Candies Vintage Line (I like both the maryleen and sadey) …I like the feminine colors plus the fact that they are very comfy.

The other thing was the coat at Banana Republic, knee length with inset waistband, it’s a very pretty coat that will make you stand out in the crowd..and it’s on sale for $79 from two hundreds something. I know it gets warmer now but hey winter is always coming back…so it’s really a good buy. But the thing is, there was only one left…and it was XS. I don’t think it’s gonna fit me..but doesn’t Banana Republic run big?? maybe it will..oh well whatever..I’m sure someone has already bought it…:P